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The Michelle Pascoe Hospitality Podcast

Apr 18, 2023

Elia Donati is a passionate young entrepreneur who has a deep appreciation for his Italian heritage and the power of food to bring people together. Having spent the past nine years in Australia, he has blended his cultural background with his experiences to create a unique approach to food service and entertainment. Elia believes that food is not just about nourishment, but also about evoking emotions and creating memorable moments. He takes pride in using his culinary skills to create dishes that not only taste amazing, but also have a story to tell. Whether he is catering a small gathering or hosting a large event, Elia is committed to providing his guests with an unforgettable culinary experience that brings people together in a meaningful way.

In this episode Elia shares his journey starting a business in a foreign land, believing in himself and his life long dream to bring people together around the table through food.

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