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The Michelle Pascoe Hospitality Podcast

Dec 24, 2018

When I last spoke with Paul (Episode 3) he was the executive Chef at Campbelltown Catholic Club and about to take the leap of faith, move out of the area and start his own consultancy firm, Chef Paul Rifkin -

Today we talk about a wide range of topics: business, career decisions, service, planning and audits.

As we talk business we establish the benefits of mentors, how they help to see value in yourself and your business, we also acknowledge his nerves with his new venture even though Paul is a well-established, experienced and successful chef.

How being a chef is a great career and not to be scared off by those who say shift work is hard as it is a rewarding and satisfying career.

Paul and I go on to talk about how simple food done well creates the ‘wow factor’, Tips on how staff can handle diners at this busy time of year and how he has become a mentor within his new business.

Listen now to this fantastic Podcast where we learn so much with the amazing Paul Rifkin.