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The Michelle Pascoe Hospitality Podcast

Nov 28, 2023

In this episode, we embark on a culinary odyssey through the career of Ant Power, a seasoned chef and influential figure in the hospitality industry. From his early days in top restaurants globally to co-founding Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded Pilgrim Restaurant, we explore the intersections of culinary innovation and cultural influence. Ant's journey takes a compelling turn as we delve into his integral role at the Movember Foundation, where he played a key part in transforming a pub idea into a global movement, raising over AU$1.8 billion for men's health. Throughout the episode, we weave a narrative that emphasises the intrinsic link between sustainability, extraordinary dining experiences, and the impact of Movember's mission on global culture.

The theme of solidarity among men in the hospitality industry takes centre stage. Building on Ant's ongoing involvement with the Movember Foundation, we dive into the unique challenges faced by men in the profession. This episode explores Movember's role in fostering open conversations about men's health, emphasising the significance of building a supportive community within the industry. Listeners are encouraged to engage in a dialogue about men's health, mental well-being, and the potential for positive change through shared experiences and camaraderie within the hospitality profession.

We peel back the curtain to reveal the behind-the-scenes dynamics of Ant's recent leadership roles in Melbourne's iconic restaurants and his co-founding of Root + Bone Magazine. We discuss the challenges and rewards of managing operations in the competitive hospitality scene, highlighting the delicate balance between creativity, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction. Root + Bone Magazine's impact on the industry is illuminated, showcasing its 'rock 'n roll' perspective on food and drink culture. The episode concludes by celebrating Ant's passion for bringing people together, revealing the heart of hospitality lies not just in culinary artistry but in the creation of extraordinary moments that leave a lasting impact on those who partake in them.

There's still time to donate to Movember.  Changing the face of Men's Mental Health globally