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The Michelle Pascoe Hospitality Podcast

Sep 26, 2023

In this engaging podcast episode, I have a conversation with Cat Coathup, one-third of a dynamic trio who've shared a lifelong friendship since childhood. Together, they made the bold decision to depart from their corporate careers and embark on a remarkable journey of fulfilling their dream by establishing their own Gin Distillery. Their venture is nestled in the picturesque small town of Pambula, situated on the far south coast of New South Wales.

Cat provides insights into the meticulous research and unwavering patience that spanned two years, a prelude to the momentous day when they opened the distillery's doors. In just a few short months, their dedication bore fruit as they earned multiple prestigious awards for their Nine Circles Distillery Signature Gin and an exquisite Pink Gin.

Notably, their commitment extends beyond their craft; they actively support local small businesses, propelling their enterprise to national recognition. They've even made waves on the international stage, captivating the attention of cruise liners that dock in Eden as they proudly showcase their Gin to travellers from around the world.

What's remarkable is their approach to marketing—eschewing social media, they have chosen to attend numerous events and markets, tirelessly spreading the word about their Gin and the soon-to-come Whisky. Their story is a testament to dedication, connection, and unwavering commitment.

As their Cellar Door prepares to open later this year, Nine Circles Distillery is unquestionably a business worth keeping a close eye on. And, of course, tasting their exquisite Gin is an experience not to be missed.