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The Michelle Pascoe Hospitality Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

As life slowly starts to normalise this is the key time to spend some quality time with your customers to ensure that you are creating a truly memorable connection. By surprising and delighting your customers with a true connection you are choosing the customers and clientele that you want. There are many ways you...

Jun 16, 2020

Being welcomed by a smiling face Is important and so is reassuring your customer that you have their health and safety foremost in your mind, following the policies and maintaining social distancing.  It’s time now to make the connection with your customers, make them feel welcome.

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Jun 9, 2020

Carly Deards is the founder of Membership + Loyalty Solutions specialising in working with small to medium sized clubs to build loyalty programs, design effective promotions, improve membership databases and generate loyalty through targeted marketing campaigns.  She loves analysing data and delivering...

Jun 2, 2020

The doors are now open so how do you communicate to your customers and your team?  Where are your customers and how do they hear about you?  Communicating your offering and listening to your customers and team is key to a successful business.