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The Michelle Pascoe Hospitality Podcast

Sep 5, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the inspiring journey of a remarkable woman who has not only shattered the glass ceiling but has done so in two dynamic and traditionally male-dominated industries: hospitality and gaming. Our guest, Sandy Thefs, is a trailblazer, an advocate for diversity, and a master of balancing the demands of leadership with a fulfilling personal life. Join us as we uncover her story and the invaluable insights, she shares on achieving balance in high-stakes careers.

Throughout this episode, Sandy reflects on her path to leadership, highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities she encountered in the hospitality and gaming realms. Her experience offers a compelling narrative of resilience, mentorship, and a dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion. As we explore her remarkable journey, we also dive into the concept of minimalism and financial wisdom, discovering how these principles have played a pivotal role in her ability to maintain equilibrium between her professional and personal life.

Whether you're an aspiring leader, a gaming enthusiast, or simply seeking inspiration on balancing career and life, this episode will leave you with valuable takeaways and a renewed perspective on what it means to lead with grace and determination in two thriving industries.

Webinar:  20th September - 1.00pm - Future Proofing Hospitality:  Developing Leaders to Thrive in Tomorrow's Industry.  Register at