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The Michelle Pascoe Hospitality Podcast

Sep 12, 2023

Welcome to our third episode of Women in Hospitality Leadership, where we delve into the experiences, wisdom, and achievements of remarkable leaders.  Today, I have a truly exceptional guest joining us, Ms Andy Abey, Group Chief Operating Officer – CHRG (Castle Hill RSL Group) a seasoned leader with a remarkable 25-year track record of success spanning both Australia and the Middle East.

In this episode, I sit down with Andy where she shares her wealth of experience that has shaped her journey as a leader. With her impressive tenure in leadership roles, we'll explore the insights she's gathered along the way.

We'll delve into the milestones and pivotal moments that have contributed to her outstanding record of achievement.

For my listeners aspiring to become influential leaders, Andy will provide valuable advice and actionable insights drawn from her extensive leadership journey.

Join us for this insightful conversation as we uncover the leadership insights and lessons learned by Andy during her impressive 25-year career. Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting your leadership journey, there's something here for everyone. So, let's dive in and gain valuable wisdom from one of the best in the field.